2019 Day on The Hill Information & Handouts

Designed for meetings with elected officials, these one page information sheets provide extremely helpful substance when advocating for more trains, along with our Ridership Statistics for specific routes and surrounding areas.

For those of you who particpated in 'Day on The Hill', you can download these handouts and use them for following up with your meetings!

One-Page Handouts:

  • Map of Underinvestment: What does half a century of underinvestment in passenger rail look like? (Spring 2019)
  • Rural Mobility: Rural America’s transportation gap profoundly hurts rural Americans. Amtrak connects millions with access to essential public transportation services. (Spring 2019)
  • Northeast Corridor's Gateway Project: Outlines critical passenger rail infrastructure investments along the NEC, with a focus on the Gateway Project (Spring 2019)
  • State of Good Repair: America needs to be rebuilt and modernized. Investing in our nation’s transportation infrastructure will improve our ability to compete in a global economy. (Spring 2019)
  • On-Time Performance: Outlines Amtrak's OTP by the numbers, and provides key policy solutions to get the trains running on time again (Spring 2019)
  • High-Speed Rail: HSR is a proven mode of transportation that can efficiently move a large number of people quickly along densely developed corridors... but the U.S. is falling behid the rest of the world. (Spring 2019)