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U.S. House Overwhelmingly Defeats Amtrak-Killing Amendment

March 4, 2015

Release #15-03

For Immediate Release (#15-03)
March 4, 2015
Contact: Sean Jeans-Gail - 202-408-8362

U.S. House Overwhelmingly Defeats Amtrak-Killing Amendment

Washington, D.C.—The National Association of Railroad Passengers applauds the U.S. House of Representatives for its overwhelming defeat of an Amtrak-killing amendment to the Passenger Rail Reform and Investment Act (H.R. 749). The amendment to eliminate all authorized Amtrak funding, introduced by Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA), failed by a vote of 147-272.

“The overwhelming bipartisan support shown in fighting back this ill-considered amendment demonstrates broad support for a national rail network—among both politicians and the public. Thousands of passengers rallied in support of Amtrak, with phone calls, emails and visits, and Congress listened,” said NARP President Jim Mathews. “As the Senate takes up the bill, NARP will continue to work with coalition partners and likeminded allies to help craft a truly transformational piece of legislation to bring frequent, reliable, and safe rail service to all Americans. Investing in a modern transportation infrastructure that improves safety, reliability and efficiency of all modes is the only way to get America’s economy moving at full-speed again.”

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