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Rail Passengers Statement on Gov. Newsom's HSR Announcement

February 13, 2019

For Immediate Release (19-4)

Contact: Xenophon Strategies - (202) 289-4001

Washington, D.C.—The Rail Passengers Association welcomes clarifying comments from Governor Gavin Newsom that he is fully committed to building a high-speed rail line between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Our Association is eager and willing to work with the Newsom Administration to identify steps—in both the near- and long-term—to effectively deliver a world class passenger rail system to all Californians.

“Gov. Newsom’s new strategy recognizes the simple fact that the Californian public, while enthusiastic about access to high-speed rail, has lost faith in project managers to deliver it in a reasonable fashion,” said Rail Passengers President Jim Mathews. “By delivering on 200mph-plus service along an Initial Operating Segment (IOS), the Authority can restore public trust.

“There is no question that the IOS must eventually connect to major metro areas in the north and the south of the state for it to have value,” continued Mathews. “We expect to hear from the Newsom Administration and the Authority in the coming weeks about developing low-cost paths to connect the IOS to the San Joaquin corridor.”

About the Rail Passengers Association

The Rail Passengers Association, previously known as the National Association of Railroad Passengers, is the oldest and largest national organization speaking for the nearly 40 million users of passenger trains and rail transit. We have worked since 1967 to expand the quality and quantity of passenger rail in the U.S. Our mission is to work towards a modern, customer-focused national passenger train network that provides a travel choice Americans want. Our work is supported by more than 28,000 individual members nationwide.

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