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You're Invited: A Live Online High-Speed Rail Forum

January 14, 2015

Tune In This Friday!

Coming to you live from the Southwestern Rail Conference, Millennial Leaders voice their support for high-speed and improved U.S. transportation infrastructure. Read More to get the details!


Join us online on Friday, January 16th and be part of the conversation, as the National Association of Railroad Passengers (NARP) and the Texas Rail Advocates host NARP’s first live-stream forum, highlighting Millennial leaders on rail and transportation. For one hour beginning at 3:45 PM CST on Friday, January 16, these inspiring youth leaders will sit together for a moderated forum straight from the 17th annual Southwestern Rail Conference in Dallas, Texas. Watch and listen live as tomorrow’s leaders explain their support for the development of improved U.S. transportation infrastructure and intermodal connectivity, and log in to connect directly to the forum!

Taking part will be:

  • Sam Houston State Student Government Sen. Drew Carson
  • Texas Young Transit Professionals Leader Nick Norboge
  • UNT Student Government Association President Troy Elliot

Two of these three leaders helped Texas university student governments pass resolutions supporting Texas Central Railway’s high speed project and the further development of Texas passenger rail. NARP and TCR joined forces to reach out to universities in the Dallas and Houston areas to make sure students knew about the high speed project and its benefits. TCR Outreach Coordinator Rebecca Cowle met with student governments on the TCR project, while Logan McLeod, Director of Resource Development at NARP, worked with the students to encourage their support of passenger rail and to offer guidance in creating the resolutions – which were unanimously passed in the University of North Texas and Sam Houston State University student senates.


  • Drew was the SHSU legislative sponsor of the resolution passed in favor of supporting the Texas Central Railway’s high speed rail project between Dallas and Houston, and creator of the new student-led advocacy group, The Texas Infrastructure Student Alliance .
  • Troy is the sponsor of UNT’s resolution and supporter of further state and federal funding towards passenger rail development. UNT is also a member of the Texas Infrastructure Student Alliance.
  • Nick is an Assistant Transportation Researcher at the Texas A&M Transportation Institute. He is a Texas A&M graduate and the former Young Professionals in Transportation Houston Chapter’s President. Nick is forming a young professionals task force in the Houston area to support TCR’s outreach efforts in the Houston community.
  • Logan McLeod is the Director of Resource Development at NARP and coordinator of NARP’s Millennials Accessing Trains Easily Campaign; Logan will moderate the panel discussion.


On the day of the event...

  1. Open a browser tab and visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/agreedisagreeorqualify
  2. Open a second tab on your browser www.eehour.com.
  3. Keep an eye out for “claims” tagged with #NARP and #transit
  4. Watch the discussion unfold from Dallas
  5. You can weigh in on the claims and suggest questions for policymakers!

This is your chance to connect with stakeholders, all inside our growing online community.

We thank you very much in advance for being a part of something vital to improving the quality of life in each American community, and look forward to your take.

A special thanks to Daniel Cohen, CEO and Founder of Redshift Writers, John Whaley from Executive Entrepreneur Hour, and the Texas Rail Advocates for making this all possible.

Please tune in and find out why our work is imperative to the future growth of this nation and the economic well-being of its citizens.