Happening Now

We Still Need Commuter Trains

February 9, 2021

Think We'll All Work From Home From Now On? Think Again.

by Jim Mathews / President & CEO

I'm still fighting the wrong-headed perception that one of the coronavirus pandemic's lessons is that we don't need to travel for work anymore. Thankfully, however, a daily parade of Work From Home Fails continues to offer us all reminders that not everyone's job can be done remotely -- and even if it CAN be done remotely, sometimes it's a bad idea.

For your consideration, click here to watch as a hapless attorney tries to participate in a hearing -- before an actual judge -- through Zoom. Evidently someone had an entertaining filter set up before he logged on and, well...just watch it yourself. I'm willing to bet this poor fellow would give anything right now to be able to show up in person to work.

And, laughter aside, there are millions of people who rely on public transportation to get to and from work, many of whom are waiting out the pandemic and doing their best to work from home with mixed results. Congress is considering a $30 billion injection for our Nation's transit systems as part of a Covid rescue package. I think we know at least one person who can't wait for the pandemic to be over...