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VSP: Another Great Benefit For NARP Members

November 10, 2015

NARP is now offering members a new benefit: VSP Individual Vision Care. The company currently provides affordable access to high-quality eyecare and eyewear to 70 million members.

An individual or family vision insurance plan from VSP typically can save hundreds of dollars on your exams and glasses. But when you sign up for a VSP plan, you not only help yourself and your family, you help NARP.

For every member who subscribes to a vision plan, VSP will make a contribution to NARP, helping your Association continue to pay for advocacy projects such as the Gulf Coast Restoration project, our Gulf Coast public-service announcements radio campaign, our grassroots organizing for support of more and better federal funding for passenger rail, work to preserve the Southwest Chief, and more. So log into the NARP membership section of the website here, click on “Obtaining Benefits” and scroll down to “VSP Vision Insurance” for more details and to sign up today! We thank you for your continued support of NARP.