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Recognizing 28 Years of Outstanding Customer Service

February 27, 2019

By Carolyn Cokley, Director Customer Programs

As you all know, my favorite ACAC duty is recognizing Amtrak employees who provide outstanding customer service. I just returned from a trip to New Orleans, LA where I had the very distinct pleasure of presenting the February 2019 ACAC Customer Service Award to Mr. Stephen Lloreda.

Stephen is a Train Attendant working aboard Trains 19 &20, the Crescent who will be celebrating 28 years of Amtrak service in June. He is known amongst his peers and managers alike as a strong leader and quiet professional who inspires everyone who works with him. It never gets old watching crew members as they offer insights into how the award recipient has impacted their working lives and how much the better they are for the relationship. Stephen’s presentation was is no different. Manager John Turk describes Stephen as, “the employee that every manager hopes for”. Assignment Clerk Gail George repeatedly stated, “Stephen’s work ethic and dedication to the job has not changed in 28 years. He pulls you in and makes you a better employee.”

Nominations are submitted by traveling ACAC members and then vetted by Amtrak managers. The ACAC member who submitted this nomination wrote, “Frequently traveling in the “H” room necessitates help with my walker in addition to our luggage. Stephen will always insure that the walker is secured in such a way as to not interfere with luggage or access to the restroom. He will also check with us throughout the trip to insure we are not in need of anything. Stephen is always where he is supposed to be. He never leaves his crew room and is always available to service the needs of his passengers”. Stephen’s immediate supervisor, Elijah Brown, Manager OBS overwhelmingly supported the nomination and describes him as the “Leader of the Crew”.

Don’t forget, the new Travel Review allows for the submission of up to three names of Amtrak employees. These would be the men and women in customer-facing positions in Stations, On Board Service and Train & Engine who provide outstanding customer service. Big thanks to those of you who have already taken advantage and shared the names of outstanding Amtrak employees you have encountered in your travels via the Travel Review.

  • Crewbase Manager Lori Ball-Austin and Train Attendant Stephen Lloreda