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June 10, 2020

The U.S. House Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure has scheduled a June 17th markup for the INVEST in America Act, which would invest more than $58 billion in America’s rail network over the next five years. The bill also includes several key Amtrak reforms: enshrining Amtrak’s duty to run a National Network, improvements to Amtrak food and beverage service, providing protections for on-time service for passengers, and more!

Rail Passengers is working hard to ensure that the bill passes out of committee and, after that, the House of Representatives—with a full vote likely to take place in early July.

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We need every American passenger to reach out to their Representative to generate support for this bill. Passing the INVEST in America Act will result in meaningful investments in passenger trains and reforms to Amtrak—along with all those Americans who only wish they had access to fast, frequent train service.

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