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SEPTEMBER 12th HEARING ON TRAIN DELAYS - Arm NARP's President Jim Mathews With Your Stories!

September 1, 2017

The National Association of Railroad Passengers will be taking part in a Surface Transportation Board public hearing later this month on the “widespread degradation of rail service” on CSX’s network… and we need YOUR train delay stories to help in the fight for better on-time performance!

The STB hearing will take place on Tuesday, September 12, 2017, and it will give rail passengers the opportunity to tell federal officials how delays on CSX’s network have affected them. This hearing will have a big impact the actions CSX takes to restore its service to acceptable levels.

NARP President Jim Mathews will be speaking at this event, and we need to arm him with YOUR stories! Send us your delay stories before our September 12th hearing at [email protected], subject line “CSX Delays.”

The numbers tell a clear story: the on-time performance for the Silver Service/Palmetto service plummeted, with the train late 80 percent of the time. The Cardinal’s performance has also plunged, running late 77 percent of the time.

But data doesn’t tell the full story. It doesn’t tell about missed doctors appointments or business meetings. About missed connections on the way to grandkid's birthdays and family vacations.

If you’ve ridden on any of the following CSX-hosted trains in the last year and have suffered from a delay, let us know!

  • Auto Train
  • Capitol Limited
  • The Cardinal
  • Carolinian/Piedmont
  • Empire Service
  • The Hoosier State
  • Lake Shore Limited
  • The Maple Leaf
  • Silver Service/Palmetto

Our advocacy can make an impact. Just last month the Journal & Courier found a “smoking gun” quote in an email sent by a CSX dispatcher: If we are meeting with Amtrak make the delay on Amtrak first. If Amtrak is running down one of these trains go ahead and get to the point Amtrak is seeing the (end of the freight train) before we get them around.” There are clear fixes that can be made in dispatching practices, and we can make a change—but we need your help!

Send us your delay stories before our September 12th hearing at [email protected], subject line “CSX Delays.”