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House Appropriators to Vote on Anti-Amtrak Amendments TODAY

June 4, 2015

House Appropriators to Vote on Anti-Amtrak Amendments TODAY

The House of Representatives is scheduled to hold a final series of roll call votes on the Transportation, Housing & Urban Development appropriations bill today. Votes may come as early as 11:00 AM Eastern.

The House Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation voted to approve a budget last month that attacks funding for trains and transit. While House appropriators protected road subsidies -- and even increased spending on the Federal Aviation Administration -- but Amtrak funding was cut by $262 million, transit funding was cut by $161 million and funding for the intermodal TIGER grant program was slashed by $400 million.

NARP has learned that anti-train members of Congress will offer amendments to cut Amtrak spending. Call NOW and tell your representative to vote NO on any amendment that cuts funding to trains! Click here to send a message to Congress on the importance of investing in rail infrastructure.