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Frommer's Dig Passenger Rail Development in America

March 15, 2014

Written By Logan McLeod

I recently attended the NY Times Travel show in New York City where I had the privilege of spontaneously meeting world-renowned travel writers and experts, Arthur and Pauline Frommer. Arthur and his daughter Pauline were there meeting with their dedicated fans and fellow travel enthusiasts. I thought to myself, what a great chance to introduce NARP and talk about all the exciting things happening with passenger rail in America! I took the opportunity to introduce myself, and I was glad I did.

It turned out that Arthur and Pauline were both already interested in the issues, agreeing with NARP on the importance of the development of a strong passenger rail network throughout the U.S. Pauline was then kind enough to invite me on their weekly nationally syndicated Travel Show to discuss some of NARP's new initiatives, including the Millennial Outreach Project, general misnomers about rail, the benefits of passenger rail, and specifics on passenger rail projects happening around the country.

The interview will air this Sunday, March 16th between 12 and 2pm. So while you’re sipping green beer and doing an Irish Jig, tune into Frommer’s Travel Show to hear what NARP is doing to deliver real results for passenger rail around the country. Please follow the direct link below to listen to the interview:


Pauline and Arthur Frommer. Photo courtesy of the New York Post