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Clock's Ticking: tell Congress to pass a transportation budget before time runs out!

August 9, 2017

Last month the Senate and House Appropriations Committees both approved positive transportation budgets, providing increased funding for Amtrak and passenger rail. However, with the end of the current fiscal year only a few weeks away, Congress is quickly running out of time to turn these bills into law.

Act now to ensure that Congress passes increased funding for Amtrak and transit!

You can help get these bills over the line by:

  1. Writing your elected officials
  2. Attending a town hall event held by your representative or senator and letting them know "I depend on Amtrak's network!"

​NARP is asking every Amtrak, subway, and commuter passenger to write their elected officials today!

With the White House proposing deep cuts to Amtrak service, the work being done by advocacy groups, local officials, and members of the public has never been more important!

Write your member of Congress today!