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Back By Popular Demand: NARP’s Dining Car Cooler Bag Campaign

November 2, 2015

Back by popular demand is NARP's successful “This is Not a Dining Car - Cooler Bag Campaign." Why is this needed? When dining amenities on a long-haul train are gutted, normally high revenue sleeping cars generate less income, dragging both the fiscal and customer service performance of the entire train into a downward spiral. This becomes a problem not just for every person who rides the train, but ultimately for the communities the trains serve.

Through this campaign, NARP is asking members to help us send Congress a message: America’s passengers deserve better! Do this by purchasing our insulated “Dining Car” bags. Your donation will not only support NARP’s work to build a passenger-focused rail network, but serves as a way to tell Congress that micromanaging the nation’s passenger railway, through things like eliminating Dining Cars on long-haul rail service, is not the way to go.

Your donations continue to help fund NARP’s successful efforts on Capitol Hill and around the country. Some of our victories this year include:

  • Incorporating the Senate’s rail reform provisions into the comprehensive transportation bill for the first time ever;
  • Transferring an additional $200 million from allocated highway funds toward life-saving Positive Train Control in the DRIVE Act in the wake of the deadly Philadelphia train accident earlier this year; and
  • Defeating two anti-Amtrak amendments in the House of Representatives that would have eliminated Amtrak’s operating and capital grants, respectively.

Support our ongoing advocacy by clicking HERE to purchase an insulated “Dining Car” bag for $50. And for an additional $25, we will send one bag to you and one to your designated member of Congress. Every bag is accompanied by an introductory letter, as well as a copy of our published white paper on the subject. Your donations will help NARP remain successful with its efforts on Capitol Hill and around the country. We appreciate your continued support!