3x Service Advocacy Toolkit

It’s #InfrastructureWeek!

Help us protect "The Heartland's Economic Engine"

This is our last opportunity to get Congress to pass a coronavirus package for passenger rail. Success means we preserve daily service across Amtrak’s National Network and keep transit running for our nation’s essential workers. If Congress FAILS to act, dire consequences await the U.S. transportation system – including the elimination of an unknown number of State-supported and long-distance routes, and deep cuts to public transit and commuter rail.

We've entered the final stretch of legislative work ahead of the October 1st deadline for a coronavirus relief package for America’s intercity rail network and public transit systems. With operators struggling to keep the trains running during the pandemic, these essential services are rushing towards a financial cliff.

We need your action! Our members have already delivered almost 10,000 messages to hundreds of Senators and Representatives in our campaign to preserve service. We’re going to need to redouble our efforts to ensure that a passenger rail bailout is part of any final deal.

Below you will find a series of links, graphics, and suggested social media posts that focus on both the National Network as a whole - but also a number of individual long distance routes to show just how devastating these proposed cuts will be to the communities that depend on daily service.

Your support makes our work possible! Staff continues working with our Congressional partners articulating the needs of passenger rail. Donate today to help us continue advocating for the more than 40 million annual rail passengers.


Press Release for Rail Passengers President + CEO Jim Mathews’ Testimony to the House T&I Subcommittee on September 9th, 2020

What Are We Doing About 3x Service?

Final Push To Avert Service Cuts To Amtrak and Public Transit

Contact Your Elected Officials

Twitter, Facebook, + Instagram Graphics

In this folder you will find infographics that show the impact losing daily service will have on 6 of Amtrak’s long distance routes. You can use these graphics in combination with the suggested posts below for an even greater impact. Share them with family and friends through your social media accounts! If you are a member of an online railfan or advocacy group or community - please help us spread the word.

We have also included two quotes made by Rail Passengers President & CEO Jim Mathews during his congressional testimony - as well as a FB cover photo to show your support.

Click this link to find and download all the graphics:

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Suggested Posts

While we are advocating for the protection of daily service on ALL long-distance routes, below you will find suggested social media posts based on some of the facts and figures prepared by Rail Passengers staff in preparation for Jim Mathews’ testimony on Sept. 9th to the House T&I Subcommittee.

National Network

  • . @Amtrak long-distance trains bring in nearly an estimated $5B in benefits to the communities they serve! It is truly "The Heartland's Economic Engine". Help us fight service cuts! #SaveAmtrak #SaveTrains

  • Help us stop a “$2 Billion Bomb on ‘Flyover Country’” and contact your elected officials to #SaveAmtrak. Find out how:

  • When you cut @Amtrak service down to 3x a week, you don't just cut 4 days’ worth of ridership - you cut off people spending their money in small towns, eating in the restaurants, supporting the local economy, etc. Help us stop these cuts! Learn how at

  • . @Amtrak is set to furlough over 2,000 employees due to the pandemic & service cuts. We can not let this happen! These employees are the lifeblood of the passenger rail system and we need them now more than ever. Help us save these jobs and #SaveAmtrak

City of New Orleans

  • From Chicago, Memphis, New Orleans & everywhere in between - @Amtrak’s City of New Orleans pumps $133M every year into the cities & towns it serves. Don’t let this change! Help us fight daily service cuts. #SaveAmtrak Find out how at

Empire Builder

  • If @Amtrak’s cuts go into place starting Oct.1, the communities along the Empire Builder will lose almost $300M in economic benefits over the next 9 months. We can not let that happen. Join us to #SaveAmtrak.

Silver Services

  • From New York City, all the way down to Miami - the cities & towns along @Amtrak’s Silver Service routes receive more than $380M in economic benefits. With service cuts, they will lose almost $200M of that in just 9 months. Help us #SaveAmtrak.

Southwest Chief

  • With an est. yearly benefit of $484M to the states it serves, the Southwest Chief is a literal “economic engine” rolling through from Chicago to LA. These communities will see that $ figure cut in half if @Amtrak's cuts happen on Oct 1. Help us #SaveAmtrak

Texas Eagle

  • Over half a billion $ of direct & indirect benefits goes into the communities served by @Amtrak’s Texas Eagle thanks to its passengers. This is why we must project daily service! Join the fight to #SaveAmtrak. Contact your elected officials today!


  • . @Amtrak’s Crescent serves the Atlantic Coast & the Southeast from NYC to New Orleans - and they are set to lose $114M in benefits if daily service is cut. Help us #SaveAmtrak. Find out how at